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Eco-Friendly Stylish Men's Clothing

Eco-Friendly Stylish Men's Clothing

Herb Stitch is an eco-friendly fashion company that uses hemp as the main fabric in all of our clothing. Why hemp you ask? Simply put, the benefits of hemp are amazing. From requiring ½ the acreage of conventional cotton, to produce 3x more fiber than cotton on the same amount of land, to being naturally resistant to mold, mildew and iv rays, the benefits go on-and-on. The growing of hemp requires no pesticides or herbicides to grow and also helps restore farmland by reviving the soil. Did you know hemp was planted at the Chernobyl site to help clean up the polluted area. While we only touch on a few of the benefits here, we will further examine many of hemp’s benefits below and why it should be the go-to fabric in the clothing industry
hemp + chernobyl
But first, will hemp clothing get me high?
No! Hemp clothing will not get you high (although you might get that same euphoric feeling when you wear one of our shirts) as there are only trace amounts of THC in the hemp fabric, of which is not enough to get you high. Hemp is a part of the cannabis genesis of plants. Hemp is used in a variety of industries such oils, food, construction materials, textiles and more! Hemp grows very tall, with sturdy fibrous stalks and has very, very low, non-intoxicating levels of THC. The more you read and understand about hemp, the more you will understand how amazing this plant is.
Hemp’s Footprint
Hemp can grow almost anywhere in the word and requires ½ the acreage of conventional cotton, to produce 3x more fiber than cotton on the same amount of land. It can take up to 2,700 liters of water to make a single 100% cotton t-shirt *that’s enough water for one person to drink for 2.5 years* which makes hemp one of Mother Nature’s biggest proponents.
is hemp clothing comfortable?
In fact, there are many places on earth that grow hemp only by using rainfall
If you’ve ever noticed how fast a weed (no pun intended) grows, hemp grows even faster and unlike cotton, uses no pesticides, herbicides or pesticides to grow.
Imagine a crop that uses no pesticides or other harmful chemicals to grow, needs less farmland to grow than conventional cotton and uses FAR less water than convention cotton, you’d have hemp.
Hemp also helps restore farmland and replenish the soil as it does not need to be rotated and can be grown on the same area of land for many years without harming or depleting it.
Hemp’s Feel
Hemp’s durability and strength allows clothes that are made from it to last longer. In fact, hemp is 10x stronger than cotton! Unfortunately, hemp’s benefits have led to misconceptions that hemp clothing is rigid and uncomfortable. While clothing made from 100% hemp can be less comfortable than 100% cotton, designers who have been able to blend hemp with other fabrics have been able to maintain hemp’s benefits, while adding the softness of other fabrics.
are t-shirts made from hemp itchy?
Hemp fabric absorbs dyes and resists fading, due to hemp’s uv-resistant properties. Hemp clothing holds its shape much better than cotton and gets softer with every wash. Along with being uv-resistant, hemp is also antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic and thermoregulating

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